Past successes

Past successes

The Medtechtomarket team has worked successfully to provide solutions and support at varying stages of the product lifecycle, for a range of novel devices. Below are a few examples of past successes.

Refining and improving performance to re-launch

We were approached by a team that was struggling to demonstrate proof of principle and concept verification on a new point-of-care diagnostic system project, co-funded by the Department of Defence in the USA.

Delivery of market-ready product from initial bright idea

Medtechtomarket was brought in by the company founder and investors to complete development and commercialisation of an innovative addition to an

Re-assessing the market need to take a product to market-ready status

When approached by an NHS Trust and VC investors to start the development of a novel cardiac diagnostic assessment system, the experience of the Medtechtomarket team led us to take a step back and recommend a critical market examination and review before moving forward, as we felt the positioning within the market may need adjusting for maximum impact.