About Us

About Us

Four Steps

We are a fully independent business, our core senior team has worked together directly since 2000, exclusively in developing and delivering diagnostic products and we’ve fine-tuned how we work, constantly improving our business output and efficiency. We have a strong track record of launching products together. Our core team has directly worked on and delivered 9 products since 2000, with a further 3 currently in development.

We manage the whole journey from start to finish; from concept through to design, from development through to validation and into product manufacturing.

Managing the whole product life-cycle is the key to our efficiency (time and process), with everything in one location – design and production working side-by-side – means every part of the process is connected and there is no time wasted in relaying information or waiting for input and approvals.

Improving lives around the world by accelerated IVD development

  • 70% of clinical decisions are based on IVD tests
  • 900 million tests are carried out each year in the UK
  • £12 spent per capita on IVD products
  • UK IVD sector was worth £820 million in 2017
2. GDX
3. Helisal
4. Osteosal (2003)
5. IN2IT
M2M Created (2012)
Wearable urology device with monitor
x Launched in US

Successful 4 day FDA inspection

Signed distributors including Cardinal Health

£3 mil fundraised including finalist in Investment deal of the year
Primary Care rapid ECG system
x Novel prototype developed and patented

1000 patient clinical trial
PoC Haemostasis diagnostic test
x Filed 3 new patents and developed

Launch of CE Mark

Key opinion leader publications

Identified as major growth driver in coagulation market (2019)
Lateral flow companion diagnostic
x Prototype development
PoC Veterinary haemostasis diagnostic test
x Full US launch 2018

European Launch 2019

5 academic publications within 6 months

Adoption by 10 top academic institutions
PoC Sepsis diagnostic test
x IP Filed and in development

SBRI Phase 1 Award

SBRI Phase 2 Award
Molecular diagnostic test
x Patent filed and in development
Emergency medicine near patient test
x Patent filed and in development
(*1-5 Denotes Core team projects designed and delivered via previous company)


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