Case Studies

Rapid Near-Patient Sepsis Diagnosis

There are approximately 123,000 cases and around 46,000 associated deaths from sepsis reported in England each year, with 70% of cases coming from the community and directly costing the NHS at least 1.5bn annually.

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Rapid ECG

Medtechtomarket developed a wireless ECG device for use by professionals in primary, acute and hyper-acute care settings for the measurement of cardiac arrhythmias and morphological conditions.

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Home-use Urology Monitor and Device

Medtechtomarket developed a urine collection and monitoring system for adults using indwelling catheters. Our system offered a range of design features and accessories to help manage continence at home and has had a transformative effect on the lives of catheter users.

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Point of Care Haemostasis

Working with a client based in the USA, we developed, manufactured and launched the world’s first portable viscoelastic test system for Point of Care Haemostasis. An innovative near-patient, semi-quantitative, viscoelastic measurement of coagulation in whole blood for use in major surgery, trauma and obstetrics.

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