Our COVID-19 Response

Using our extensive experience in providing accelerated ISO13485 Accredited design, development, manufacture and distribution of in vitro diagnostics, Medtechtomarket are proud to be helping mitigate the impact of coronavirus and developing rapid diagnostic solutions to fight this pandemic.

15/01/21 NEW

Study demonstrates utility of Entegrion VCM System for anticoagulation monitoring of Covid-19 patients

The VCM test result was used as a daily assessment of the effect of heparin on the viscoelastic properties of 36 critically ill COVID-19 patients. The VCM results were retrospectively compared with laboratory parameters. Anticoagulation was provided with either UFH (52 samples) or with LMWH (low molecular weight heparin) (86 samples). UFH influenced all VCM parameters toward hypocoagulability; LMWH did not. The effect of UFH was better correlated with VCM clotting time (CT) than with aPTT.

See here for the full publication : Viscoelastic Coagulation Monitor (VCM) as a novel device to… : ASAIO Journal (lww.com)

08/10/20 UPDATE

Entegrion’s point-of-care VCM Cascade system for measuring patient haemostasis that was developed, CE marked and still manufactured by Medtechtomarket is being successfully used by a number of the world’s leading authorities in ICU medicine for the therapy monitoring of Covid-19 critically ill patients, as reported in the 31st Annual Elso Conference (Mauro Panigada et al., Sept 2020). The system performs better than the current gold standard coagulation test in monitoring the stability and dosing of heparinised patients, and we look forward to hearing more about this ground breaking medicine.

Effect of Heparin on Viscoelastic Parameters of COVID-19 Critically Ill Patients.
A Viscoelastic Coagulation Monitor (VCM) Analysis

16/05/20 UPDATE

Medtechtomarket have been working with a local not-for-profit organisation with regulatory and technical support for the production of single-use visors, in our national effort to produce PPE aimed at protecting the frontline NHS staff during the COVID-19 outbreak.

14/05/20 UPDATE

One of our portable near-patient diagnostic systems that we developed and continue to manufacture is currently being used in emergency clinical trials across multi-centre intensive care units to provide hard data for COVID-19 patient triaging, guiding their therapy, and monitoring stability.