Rapid diagnosis in Sepsis is vital, with the risk of death increasing by nearly 8% per hour delay in the administration of antibiotics to septic patients.

There are approximately 123,000 cases of sepsis per year in England and around 46,000 associated deaths – of which 70% of cases come from the community and directly cost the NHS at least 1.5bn each year. Medtechtomarket led the development of a low cost rapid microfluidic diagnostic system for the early detection of Sepsis, winning two significant SBRI awards and demonstrating correlations with competitor laboratory systems of > 0.99 on biochemical markers of sepsis. We started with input from a clinical advisory and academic panel, Medtechtomarket developed and patented a prototype portable microfluidic multi-assay system for a range of clinical applications including early detection of sepsis.

Medtechtomarket has been awarded 2 prestigious SBRI awards to support the development of the product for use in Primary care. Our in-house advanced manufacturing facility has enabled the automated pico-Litre dispensing of reagents into the microfluidic device. Medtechtomarket has utilised BioBank samples to confirm initial product applicability.

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