Utilising passive and active continuous-flow microfluidic approaches to channel blood and reagent samples into micro-cuvettes, flow channels, reaction chambers, electrochemistry and MEMS sensors we are able to measure a wide range of biochemical markers in a number of clinical applications.

Our in-house surface chemical modification and automated pico-Litre volume dispensing capabilities enables us to enhance flow dynamics and provides us with the ability to develop and test ‘lab on a chip’ diagnostic systems from a single fingerstick blood sample.

At Medtechtomarket, we have partnered with leading microfluidic injection moulders to produce advanced mould tools and high fidelity microfluidic optical parts and have generated our own IP in microfluidic applications, combining channels of 50-150µm with various detection and reaction systems.

Our team of instrument and optical engineers have developed a range of analytical systems to measure and analyse samples. These include micro-fluorescence detection, spectrophotometry advanced vision systems and interpretive flow algorithms.

Our Expertise

We combine a highly qualified and experienced team, with a seamlessly integrated Quality and Project Management System to develop medical diagnostics products at our accredited biohazardous, instrumentation and manufacturing facilities. That is why we typically deliver products in under 4 years with around 90{39d0222c840b31553c861860c47e43665a0c95aa5caad9ad62e87b5ee3c9e76c} reduced costs.

Our team consists of Research Scientists, Product Developers, Development Scientists, Instrumentation Engineers, Mechanical Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Clinical Researchers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Production Technicians and Logistics Professionals. We develop, manufacture and commercialise hardware, software, firmware, mechanical design, biochemical reagents, interpretation algorithms, connectivity and user interface aspects of test cartridges, analysers, QC Materials and electronic accessories.


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