Technology overview

At Medtechtomarket, we have experience in developing a range of medical diagnostic technologies with a direct measurement of biomarkers, tissue samples or on the patient directly. These include:

  • Multichannel and multi assay microfluidic test Systems
  • Immunochemistry based assays
  • Fluorescence and Photometric Technologies
  • Mechanical Techniques
  • Viscosity Measurements
  • ECG Technologies
  • Electrochemistry based diagnostics
  • Lateral flow technologies
  • Chromatography based systems
  • Molecular Diagnostic and PCR Based Tests

We have fully developed, clinically validated and launched a range of instruments, disposable cartridge, QC and accessory technologies for point-of-care testing to be used within a number of clinical environments, from small portable viscoelastic testing systems for surgical haemostasis monitoring to rapid low cost microfluidic clinical chemistry primary care panel assays.

We have filed a number of patents covering innovative mechanical, viscosity and ECG technologies, and helped our clients to expand their IP portfolio.

Our Expertise

We combine a highly qualified and experienced team, with a seamlessly integrated Quality and Project Management System to develop medical diagnostics products at our accredited biohazardous, instrumentation and manufacturing facilities. That is why we typically deliver products in under 4 years with around 90% reduced costs.

Our team consists of Research Scientists, Product Developers, Development Scientists, Instrumentation Engineers, Mechanical Designers, Manufacturing Engineers, Clinical Researchers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Production Technicians and Logistics Professionals. We develop, manufacture and commercialise hardware, software, firmware, mechanical design, biochemical reagents, interpretation algorithms, connectivity and user interface aspects of test cartridges, analysers, QC Materials and electronic accessories.


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